Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Finishing off Character Creation

I am now 90% finished with the character creation and will more than likely come back to the last 10% when I have the correct art to fill it out with. Something that I was truly stuck on for days was the name input for your character.

Once i finally got keyboard feedback in the text field i found that the delete key was not responding. So unless I wanted to force my players not to make a mistake when typing their name I knew I would have to sort this out. After MUCH headache pain I found that the ASCII keycode's for mac and pc are slightly different, so my delete key on my macbook bro was sending a signal unrecognized by the input. Anyway fixed now.

I also created an image cycler with left and right buttons so you can easily choose the display portrait for your character. One day I will fill this with glorious images!

There is also a large number of unused icons with question marks on them (No mushrooms dont come out of them). These will be place holders for the classes and races I will add in the future. For now lets just get the thing working!

Im now moving into the territory of basic town functionality so the character can actually do something rather than just sit around existing. First I will be working on the tavern which will have random patrons (and some regulars) just like a normal pub for your character to interact with. This will function as the main quest hub (surprise, surprise). So it will be randomly generated NPC's handing out randomly generated quests, therefore ensuring no gaming session is ever the same.

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